I’ve given up smoking & every time I think about wanting a cigarette, I’m shooting and blogging instead. It’s working. I’ve still got the cravings but I’m channeling them all into something positive.

Over the past three months, I began cutting down on the cigarettes. From January first at 00:00hrs, I quit altogether. It’s only four days, but channeling the urge to smoke into positive stuff is helping a lot. It’s also stopping me from replacing the smokes with food. I don’t want to swap a tobacco addiction for a weight increase.

I started smoking when I was in the British Army. It was something social to do, to help me stand out from the crowd less. Cigarettes were pretty much free, too. Woodbines. No filter. Hardcore.

After the Army, I was at art college for three years. Not long after that, I spent ten years in the music business. Moving to Japan, land of cheap and ubiquitous smoking, probably extended the habit by at least ten years. I’ve quit before, once for over 18months. This time it’s for good.

So, that’s the pre-amble. 

Expect more blogging, more writing, more content from me this year. It’s not just because I’ve quit smoking but, right now and for the next few months, I’ll be creating more to keep me busy and off the smokes.

2018 is the year to get back on the horse with a vengeance. Last year was very mixed for me, total shit in parts. Having my old, ‘chock full of content’ Japanorama website hacked to death put me back a long way. 12 years of good Google SEO built up… all turned to dust. Last year was a bit lean.

Plus, I’ve been dealing with trust issues.

As a freelancer, I crave working in teams. But that means trusting people with ideas. Finding solid people can be hard. Creating to the time to properly collaborate with the right, trustworthy folks can also be hard in Tokyo. It’s a busy city. It’s huge. People don’t get together so much, so often sometimes.

2018 is the year to put that straight, too, and I’ve got meetings pretty much all next week to discuss plans and get started on stuff. Some really cool stuff. With some lovely folks.

I’m excited.

I’m cold turkey.

If I had a grandmother, I’d sell her right now for a cigarette.

But I’ll keep walking and shooting and blogging, instead.

These photos were all shot with my iPhone 8Plus.

I just upgraded my phone from the 6S Plus. One of the kids has that now. Pretty pleased with the 8. Hey, it’s a phone…. it takes better pictures than my phone did in 1990 🙂 And it can make phonecalls, too.